About Jemez Enterprises
What Makes Us Unique

A family of economic enterprises

Jemez Enterprises (formerly Jemez Community Development Corporation) manages the economic enterprises of the Pueblo of Jemez, a federally recognized tribe located in north-central New Mexico approximately 50 miles northwest of Albuquerque. The Jemez Pueblo is one of the remaining 19 pueblos of New Mexico and its reservation encompasses over 89,000 acres of land and remains home to over 4,000 tribal members. 

As an economic driver for the Pueblo, Jemez Enterprises manages the following businesses:

  • Red Rocks Convenience Store
  • Walatowa Visitor Center
  • Walatowa Timber and Industries
  • Red Rocks Trails

Our goal is to develop viable and sustainable economic activity and opportunity for the Pueblo, while upholding our traditions and stewarding our rich culture and natural resources. 

We also strive to support and promote the many tribal member artisans and small business owners which include pottery, sewn goods, jewelry, food sales, fine arts, services, and more.

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History of the Pueblo of Jemez.

The Pueblo of Jemez (pronounced “Hay-mess” or traditionally as “He-mish”) is one of the 19 pueblos located in New Mexico. It is a federally recognized American Indian tribe with 3,400 tribal members, most of whom reside in a Puebloan village that is known as “‘Walatowa” (a Towa word meaning “this is the place”). Walatowa is located in North-Central New Mexico, within the southern end of the majestic Canon de Don Diego. It is located on State Road 4 approximately one hour northwest of Albuquerque (55 miles) and approximately one hour and twenty minutes southwest of Santa Fe.

Having originated from a place called “Hua-na-tota,” our ancestors, the Jemez Nation, migrated to the “Canon de San Diego Region” from the four-corners area in the late 13th century. By the time of European contact in the year 1541, the Jemez Nation was one of the largest and most powerful of the Puebloan cultures, occupying numerous Puebloan villages that were strategically located on the high mountain mesas and the canyons that surround the present pueblo of Walatowa. These stone-built fortresses, often located miles apart from one another, were upwards of four stories high and contained as many as 3,000 rooms.

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