Jemez Enterprises
Mission & Values

As an economic arm of the Pueblo, our business is to inspire, engage, educate, and serve all visitors as well as our local community with Jemez culture, language, food, and wisdom.  We aim to sustain and generate prosperity (e.g., relationships, financial, cultural exchange) for the Jemez Pueblo and to support a strong local economy through eco-cultural tourism and other enterprises.

Our Mission

To create financial opportunities for the Pueblo of Jemez by developing and managing profitable business enterprises.

Core Values

Customer Service, Teamwork, Communication, Excellence

The values that guide Jemez Enterprises.

Jemez Pueblo Authenticity Gathering & Sharing
  • Culture.  Lead through a lens of the Jemez culture, history, values, traditions, and contemporary identity.
  • Language.  A foundation to the Jemez identity and finding appropriate ways to infuse the language into operations, marketing, and knowledge sharing. 
  • Tribal Ownership. Leading and operating as a Native owned, led, and operated enterprise for the Pueblo of Jemez. 
  • Connection. Honoring and acknowledging the sacred connection between the Jemez People and Walatowa.
  • Authenticity. Ensuring the center buys and sells 100% authentic Native-made products  
  • Integrity. Integrity represents the Jemez Pueblo commitment to exceptional service and experience to guests and visitors.
  • Relationship. Our relationships with partners  are paramount to advancing the enterprises’ mission.
  • Indigeneity. 
  • Acceptance. The Enterprises accepts all visitors and guests with humility and compassion.
  • Worldview. Honor the Pueblo of Jemez by inspiring, engaging, and educating guests and audiences through a Jemez worldview.
  • Wisdom. We uphold Jemez Pueblo decision-making traditions, foster Native leadership, and intentionally lead with Jemez’s cultures, traditions, identities, and beliefs.
  • Teaching. Products and services are designed to gather guests and visitors and environment conducive to sharing and educating.