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Enjoy an intimate day of shopping in our beautiful Puebloan museum gift shop. We specialize in our world renown Jemez pottery and figurines, beautiful stone sculptures, jewelry, basketry, hand-made drums, exquisite moccasins and more. Also, enjoy a wide selection of collectibles and gifts, including Native American music, books, blankets, jewelry, and adult/youth apparel.

Today, like most of its sister pueblos, Jemez pottery has taken on a contemporary format as opposed to the traditional utilitarian pottery made by their ancestors. Contemporary Jemez Pottery has advanced to new levels of quality, technique, and form. Pottery styles include matte polychrome with natural pigments on polished redware, exquisite melon pots and sgraffito pots. Made in both polished redware and tanware.

Traditional Fieldhouse

Fieldhouses are one and two room houses that were built of stone and adobe and used by the Jemez people during spring and summer months as basecamps for hunting, gathering and agricultural activities. These fieldhouse sites are often located around communal fields, near springs, or close to resource gathering and hunting areas. Hundreds of fieldhouses are located within a one-hour walk from at least one of the giant pueblos.

These fieldhouse sites play an important role in the teaching of the oral history at the Pueblo of Jemez, a unique educational project implemented under guidance of the Tribal Archaeologist and the Pueblo’s traditional leaders. This reconstructed fieldhouse will not only provide the children of the Pueblo with an actual hands-on example of what a traditional fieldhouse looked like but will also provide visiting tourist a better understanding of Jemez history.